Woman’s Kindness Persuades Man To Give Up His Chained Dog And Puppies


When dog rescuer Lisa Chiarelli arrived on a property and saw several chained-up dogs and some puppies it was a pretty upsetting sight. The mama dog was visibly emaciated and had a heavy chain around her neck that was weighing her already fragile body down. But the dog wagged her tail when she saw Lisa and her friends step inside the yard.

Lisa immediately assessed that the man who owned the dogs was way over his head in being able to care from them. It took some convincing, but Lisa was able to take the puppies with her to the car. But when she asked about the chained-up mama dog, the man looked her straight in the eye and said “You are not getting her.”

That’s when Lisa decided to respond with compassion; the man’s response came as a surprise and immense relief as you’ll see in the video below.

The mama had such a heavy chain on her neck but her tail still was wagging. Thanks to Frankie, Lola and Friends Dog Rescue Mama Lucky not only would get back her health but she also found the most incredible family!


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