Veterinarians Talk About Important Things Dog Owners Should Know

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If your cat or dog was hit by a car and is whining and limping, when you bring them in and get asked when the accident happened, the damn answer best not be ‘oh, 4-5 days ago, but I haven’t had time to bring him in’

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Vet here.

Your dog does not need to eat grain free food with massive amounts of protein because they are “basically a wolf.” No. They’re not. They’re a dog. And not only does the actual science not support the need for these trend diets, now there’s concern they’re actually doing harm, causing dilated cardiomyopathy in certain animals.

In a similar vein, we do not get any money from diet companies. Do you think I would be wallowing in my 325K of debt (no this is not an exaggeration in the slightest), driving a 15 year old broken down car, and renting without a hope of buying a house, if I were getting kickbacks? I would not. If we make a diet recommendation it’s because current science says it may help your pet.

We agonize over cases, work longer hours than we should, spend time away from our families and friends to figure out difficult cases and help the really sick pets. Taking out your anger and grief on me and my staff does nothing but tear us apart and contribute to the high suicide rate that vets and vet techs have. We are helpers at heart and it hurts when we can’t help – please be kind and don’t make us feel worse.

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There is no such thing as Alpha. The whole concept was based of a flawed methodology where even the researchers who wrote the book in the first place disavowed it. Simply use force free training and you and your pet will be happier for it

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Vet Nurse for 10+years….

90% of your pets behavioural issues are your fault. If you’re not willing to train your pet (mostly dogs here, cats just dgaf) basic commands and getting them used to being handled then you can bet we will restrain and muzzle if need be or we will charge extra for sedation. My colleagues and I are not in the business of fluffing around whilst trying to treat your pet and or getting bitten.

What you think is cute in your large breed puppy (growling, resource guarding, biting) is not cute when it is a 30+kg uncontrollable beast.

Retractable leashes are the worst invention ever and should be banned. You have no control over your pet.

Stop letting your pet wander up to any other pet in the waiting room. Not all dogs are friendly and cats are stressed enough.

Overfeeding your pet is the same animal abuse as underfeeding.

Start a savings account for your pet if pet insurance doesn’t suit. If you never need it you have money you can spend on a holiday.

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That they are NOT human. Anthropomorphizising your pet often leads to behavioural issues ( small dogs being treated like babies makes them feel they’re pack leaders, no your dog is not smiling, he’s [fricking] stressed, no, your dog is not guilty, he’s terrified of punishment). So for the love of all your deities… Love your pet as if it was your child and treat it how it deserves to be treated – through communication it understands

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