Stray Dog with Injured Paw Enters Vet Clinic to Ask for Help


A stray dog had more than an instinct of where to go for help when he got injured – he took himself to the vet. Dayse Ferreira has a veterinary clinic in Brazil and she and her colleagues were at the front of the clinic when the dog wandered in.

Ferreira told the Dodo she was just finishing with a client when she noticed the dog. She checked him over quickly and then ushered him into the back where she treated his paw (not badly injured), his fleas and a small tumor that thankfully wasn’t serious.

After giving him a bath and giving him medication Ferreira went a step further and shared the homeless dog’s story. The dog’s resourcefulness and sweet nature have gotten many people interested in taking him home!

Said Ferreira: “The most admirable thing is that he came on his own. His intelligence is beautiful,” Ferreira said. “I’m sure he will find a home that will welcome him and receive him with all the love he deserves.”


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