Mom Tries To Buy Someone’s Service Dog And Throws A Tantrum When They Refused

Can’t believe people still do this silliness…


I’d like to buy one service dog please.


Service Dog1

Of course her son was diagnosed.

Service Dog2

Obviously the parent dosent even understand her kids condition/is making it up. People with diabetes dont NEED a service dog to survive. Can it be helpful? Yeah. Are you gonna die simply cuz you dont have one? No.

He has gorgeous blue eyes.

Service Dog3

There are service dogs trained to detect changes in blood sugar (your smell changes). Of course she assumes all service dogs are trained for all things, that he/she isn’t attached to the dog (s)he’s spends 24/7 with abd I’m sure considers family. Oh and service dogs fully trained are 10k+ in the US.

Wants her to drive over one thousand miles.

Service Dog4

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