Heartwarming Comics Show How Your Life Changes When You Get a Do

Brazilian artist Ademar Vieira recently presented a series of comics that will help anyone who has a hard time deciding whether to get a dog or not. Through his heartwarming comics, Vieira depicts how a person’s life changes after they get a dog. And as you may guess it, having a four-legged furry friend makes a big difference.

#1 Nothing wrong with using your phone but we do feel lonely nowada

#2 Nobody likes these sorts of slippers anyway.

#3 Isn’t it better to have someone to cuddle with?

#4 It might be messy but that is half the fun.

#5 It is clear that he did not expect the puppy.

#6 Something to look forward to when you get home is always a nice

#7 Doting on a pet means you don’t get to dote on your overwhelming

#8 All the voices are silenced where there is someone who loves you

#9 Who needs a TV when you have a puppy to look after.

#10 It was just that one choice that changed it all.

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