Comedy Show From the First Row Of 16 Funny Dogs


He wants me to throw his frisbee. I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not there anymore.

Dog Comedy Show1


Everyone: ’Oh, this cold weather is so nice. My dogs love it.’ My dogs

Dog Comedy Show2

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My greyhound was snoozing under blankets in her bed but then decided she wanted to look out the kitchen window.

Dog Comedy Show4

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Jumped into a pool of mud today. Post bath guilt: 10/10 would do it again!

Dog Comedy Show3

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Hey human, my lower back is a bit tight today. But please don’t apply too much pressure.

Dog Comedy Show5

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I was making ravioli and walked away for 2 minutes!

Dog Comedy Show6

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She doesn’t believe in personal space.

Dog Comedy Show9

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My dog decided he didn’t like my new blanket.

Dog Comedy Show10

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He sits on his sister until he gets his favorite dog bed back.

Dog Comedy Show11

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This guy won’t let his dad work

Dog Comedy Show12

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My fiancée spent all last weekend putting plants into the garden planters. This morning we come down after breakfast to this.

Dog Comedy Show13

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