Dogspotting Facebook group provides innumerable photos of adorable random dogs that people met unexpectedly out of nowhere.

This is a community with over 1.8 million members, Dogspotting is dedicated to spotting, photographing, and sharing photos of random dogs."> Dogspotting Is The Game That Will Save Facebook (Enjoy these 35 dogs)

Dogspotting Is The Game That Will Save Facebook (Enjoy these 35 dogs)

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Snoozinu2019 Through The Atlanta Airport

My Moms Newest Family Addition Sebastian Is Taking Quite A Liking To The Cats. They Donu2019t Seem To Mind Beth Craven Gazeta

Source: Tessa Wood

Parents Sent Me A Photo Of This Bouquet Of 5 Week Old Puppies. Spotted On The Sunshine Coast

Thank You To This Kind Gentleman For Directing Me To The 2x4s. What Lovely Staff

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (Cle)

Spotted This Baby At The Grocery Store And Forgot What I Went For

Source: Megan Walker

Sonja Is Having The Best Of Her Times

Source: Leona Roos

u201cYou Get Down From There Right Now Misteru201d

This Pup Was Too Scared To Be On An Escalator

Dewey Is 6 And He Sees With His Heart... And With His Nose And His Ears. Blindness Does Not Stop Him From Enjoying Life, Or A Day At The Beach. He Has A Very Loving Mom And Dad Who Know How To Care For Him Properly. 1000/10 For This Boy

This Dog Makes Everyone So Happy At My Moms Assisted Living!

Today I Met Blue, It Was Love At First Sight, Look At Her Face?!?! Ahhhh My Heart Exploded. Her Owner Said She Could Be Petted All Day, A Job I Would Happily Take On

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