Dogspotting Facebook group provides innumerable photos of adorable random dogs that people met unexpectedly out of nowhere.

This is a community with over 1.8 million members, Dogspotting is dedicated to spotting, photographing, and sharing photos of random dogs."> Dogspotting Is The Game That Will Save Facebook (Enjoy these 35 dogs)

Dogspotting Is The Game That Will Save Facebook (Enjoy these 35 dogs)

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Guys This Is Jackson And He Just Came To My Work

Source: Sasha Kulesh

Stop Right There Sir. You Are Simply Too Sweet To Be Allowed. This Is Cooper, He Was Out On His First Big Walkies

Source: Emma Hedges

Spotted The Most Majestic Lion Watching Over His Pride In The Heart Of Hackney. 15/10 Would Make Lengthy Eye Contact Again. Pure Floof

New Assistant At The Local Pharmacy

Meet Gunner...the Bestest Old Boy Who Had Knee Surgery... So His Human Made Him His Own Private Elevator. 100/10 Would Pet Again!

The Cutest Lil

Got To Meet A Very Happy Sleepy 9 Week Old Duck Today And Thought I Might Die. 16/10 For Softest Smiling Yawn

Met Arnold Today. He Is Seventeen!

I Was Able To Meet My Niece, Nelly Gnu, For The First Time Today. Sheu2019s A Rescue And Clearly Now Living Her Best Life!

Spotted 2 Cows Lol

We Do Not Know These Dogs Or This Owner. They Were On A Hike And Ran Up To Us

All Eyes On Her

Source: Anh-Thu Pham
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