Dogspotting Is The Game That Will Save Facebook (Enjoy these 35 dogs)

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The Dogspotting Facebook group provides innumerable photos of adorable random dogs that people met unexpectedly out of nowhere. This is a community with over 1.8 million members, Dogspotting is dedicated to spotting, photographing, and sharing photos of random dogs.

The Look You Get When You Donu2019t Cover Your Nose With Your Face Mask

Source: Christy Paul

Don't You Just Love Such Views While Taking A Ride In Public Transportation

Cutest Scene Spotted In A Bus

Source: Facebook

Walk Past This Fence Hole Every Day When I Walk My Dog. This Is All Iu2019ve Ever Wanted To Happen

Oh My Dog

Jewellery Shop Basset

These Two Goofballs Gave Me A Mini Heart Attack When They Popped Up To Wall Here. No Borks, Only Wanted Pets. Would Gladly Pet These Shed Monsters Again

This Little Princess Came Into My Work Today. Her Name Is Blu And I Canu2019t Handle How Tiny She Is. She Took Over My Heart. 2238578483/10 Would Let Her Run Around Again

Spot The Hooman. A 2 Year Old Teddy Bear

Just Found The Sweetest Baby Boy Lost In The Rain. She Started Following Me As I Was Walking My Dog. The Search Is Currently On For His Owners As He Waits In The Security Office At Our Building. Iu2019ll Take Her To A Vet In The Morning To See If She Has A Microchip

Our Office Recently Hired A Senior. Heu2019s 15. Has No Teeth, Can Barely Smell Or Hear. But He Is Perfect

This Is Chance. Heu2019s A Therapy Pupper. He Comes To The Hospital Sometimes When Life Is Hard. He Has My Heart! Iu2019m 4u201911u201d. Heu2019s 145 Lbs Of Love And Sweetness

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