22 Tough Dads Who Didn’t Want Dogs In Their Lives

Your dad can be a hard sometimes,  but at some point, they will give in. Below are dads that got busted in act of doing something with a dog they said they would never do.

These are too funny… 🤣🤣

Caught Him Hugging The Giant Dog He Didn’t Want, He Was Also Singing The Dog His Own Personal Song

Dads Dont Want Pets1

No Dogs!

Dads Dont Want Pets2


“He’s Only Going To Be In The Way, I’ll Step On Him”

Dads Dont Want Pets3


He Never Wanted A Dog. Four Days After They Met, She Helped Him To Recover From A Stroke

Dads Dont Want Pets5


He’s Never Been A Dog Person. Ever. And Now My Dad Takes Yuki Sailing And Talks To Her Wherever They Go

Dads Dont Want Pets4


It Took 3 Years To Convince Him Since “He’s More Of A Cat Person.” He Finally Agreed As Long As The Pup Wasn’t Allowed On The Bed Or Furniture. This Is Now What I Wake Up To Every Morning

Dads Dont Want Pets6


“That Brown Dog” Became “Brown Dog” Became “Mr. Brown” Became “Doc Brown Wants To Stay With Me When You Move Out.” Doc Brown Did Move Out With Us, This Is Their First Reunion After About 6 Months

Dads Dont Want Pets8


My Dad: I Don’t Want Dogs In This House. Also My Dad:

Dads Dont Want Pets10


Dad – “I Dont Want A Dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston Need Is Own Bed And Night Table”

Dads Dont Want Pets9


My Dad Dressed “The Dog He Didn’t Want” In My Childhood Dress He Kept For His First Grand Daughter

Dads Dont Want Pets7


Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Dad And The Dog:

Dads Dont Want Pets11


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