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A talented artist has created a series of heartwarming comics that depict life with a dog and a cat

Have you heard of Sam, Edgar, and Oscar? They’re the lovable trio from Ademar Vieira’s heartwarming stories that have taken the internet by storm. Ademar is a talented Brazilian illustrator, journalist, and screenwriter who has a gift for visual storytelling. In his book, “Sam and Oscar (and Edgar, the Cat),” Ademar takes us on a journey through Sam’s life, sharing the joys and challenges of having a dog (Oscar) and a cat (Edgar) as companions. These stories are told through captivating illustrations and are filled with emotion, surprises, and valuable lessons that anyone can appreciate.

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“The Hamburger”
“At night, Sam likes to order takeout to eat at home. The idea seems to be great, but there is a problem: Oscar and Edgar also like it.”

The Hamburger

The Hamburger2The Hamburger3The Hamburger4The Hamburger5

Image credits: ademar__vieira

“Anyone who has a cat knows exactly what this is like”

Anyone who has a catAnyone who has a cat 2Anyone who has a cat 3Anyone who has a cat 4Anyone who has a cat 5

Image credits: ademar__vieira

Sleep Quiet

Sleep QuietSleep Quiet2Sleep Quiet3Sleep Quiet4

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