7 Comics That Perfectly Show The World From A Dogs Point Of View

Dogs always see things differently from us.  Their version of the world in some cases can be a bit off.  check out the 7 Hilarious Illustrations below and share them with your friends and family.

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#1 When it’s your canine’s bath time. What it actually is and how your dog sees it.

7 Hilarious Illustrations bath time

#2 “Umm… I need more of that, hooman.”

7 Hilarious Illustrations dinner time

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#3 Every time you come home to your pupper.

7 Hilarious Illustrations hey buddy

#4 When you’re leaving your goofball home alone while you go out for running.

7 Hilarious Illustrations ill be back in half an hour

#5 Poop is not just poop, it’s food.

7 Hilarious Illustrations poop

#6 The toilet seat is a whole new world.

7 Hilarious Illustrations toilet flosting in space

#7 Any loud sound can be a threat to them. Especially, when they hear the sound of thunder on a stormy day or when someone turns on the vacuum cleaner.

7 Hilarious Illustrations when it rains

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